People who live in areas with sidewalks and bike lanes are more active, have cleaner air, and experience fewer crashes and collisions. In order to create more neighborhoods like this, we need streets built to share™.

People of all ages and abilities should be able to move safely and conveniently where they live, work and play. Whether we walk, use a wheelchair, bike, ride a bus or train, or drive a car, we all need roads that accommodate us. However, many places don’t provide safe ways for people who walk and bike to share the road with cars and trucks.

When streets are set up for everyone, we are all safer and healthier, as we are provided more opportunities to include physical activity in our daily routines. Instead of focusing solely on motor vehicles, our neighborhoods should be designed and built for the safety and health of all travelers with streets built to share.

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Massachusetts Funds Safer Streets for Physical Activity!

Big news from Massachusetts! In 2016, the state created a Complete Streets Funding Program to support safer walking and biking throughout the state. Recently in the 2020-24 Capital Investment Plan, Gov. Charlie Baker allocated $11.5 million annually for the next four years for the program!

July 10, 2019

Boston Commits $16.15 Million for Safer Streets!

Recently, the Boston City Council voted unanimously to approve the fiscal year 2020 operating budget and the fiscal years 2020-2024 capital budget with over $16.15 million in appropriations to make streets safer for walking, biking, and rolling.

July 9, 2019

#ICYMI: Illinois Commits $50 Million Annually for Safer Walking & Biking!

Big news for walking, biking and rolling in Illinois! Gov. J.B. Pritzker recently signed a bill that creates a $33 billion, six-year transportation capital program in the state.

July 8, 2019