People who live in areas with sidewalks and bike lanes are more active, have cleaner air, and experience fewer crashes and collisions. In order to create more neighborhoods like this, we need streets built to share™.

People of all ages and abilities should be able to move safely and conveniently where they live, work and play. Whether we walk, use a wheelchair, bike, ride a bus or train, or drive a car, we all need roads that accommodate us. However, many places don’t provide safe ways for people who walk and bike to share the road with cars and trucks.

When streets are set up for everyone, we are all safer and healthier, as we are provided more opportunities to include physical activity in our daily routines. Instead of focusing solely on motor vehicles, our neighborhoods should be designed and built for the safety and health of all travelers with streets built to share.

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Huge Complete Streets Impact in Kansas City, MO!

The Kansas City, MO City Council approved a Complete Streets policy (with a 13-0 vote) that will allow the city to create a community where active transportation is integrated into street design rather than being an afterthought.  Citizens of all abilities in Kansas City will be able to engage in more active transportation, such as biking and walking, which means healthier citizens and healthier communities!

December 15, 2017

Walking & Bicycling Ballot Measures Win Big on Election Day!

Election Day brought a number of successes to make walking and bicycling safer for millions in cities and counties in Colorado, Texas, Georgia, and Florida.

November 14, 2017

Safer Streets Progress in Oklahoma City!

The Council approved three proposals to present to voters, with two of them addressing bicycle and walking improvements that will increase access and opportunities for physical activity across the city.

September 13, 2017